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Dec 5, 2013 3:00pm EST
place overseas and does not seem to be in violation of any domestic laws to protect the privacy of americans, even though when they do this abroad, that includes americans who may be traveling abroad. this is what has happened since post 9/11. it has been going on for a decade. >> certainly we realize we ought to give up a little bit of liberty in order to reserve security. i think everyone understands that. how we eat is a cell phone? is there a way i can turn it off? than your more leaky social networking site count. i can tell you that. it is not a cell phone anyone is monitoring. when you install foursquare or twitter, they aren't tapping into the same generic functionality. it is the chip. they have chips. take it out and put a new one in. >> do you think people just need to realize this is the world we live in right now? having a phone location is an easy thing to follow. basically have access to a lot of information that you would not want them to have access to, but is for the overall good of society in that hopefully it will prevent another 9/11? >> that is basically th
Dec 6, 2013 3:00pm EST
there -- >> it should be private. we have these massive hipaa agreements. right? laws. that also retard everything you try to do. our phone calls were private and it turns out they weren't either. being tune of 5 billion tracked every day. >> did you think the n.s.a. wasn't tapping your phone? tapping myey're genetic data. >> i've known ever since the and gene hackman movie that the n.s.a. was listening to everything. state."f the >> you're ok with it? >> you just know it's happening. that's what the n.s.a. is supposed to do, covert separations that we don't expect but know are happening. that's the n.s.a. take on get your first monday. here's a look at what's next on ."treet smart >> grading the jobs report. the former chairman of economic advisors, ed lazear and new jersey congressman scott garrett deliver washington's review of report.oyment >> america is getting back to work. today's job report shows u.s. unemployment is down to a impressiveow, an milestone for sure. but our next guest says we are not out of the woods yet. seven-year target on our recovery. and he might know. chairman ofmer econom
Dec 9, 2013 3:00pm EST
of the same where the biggest challenge, the united states, 50 states, 50 state legal systems with federal law, making it more challenging. when colorado and washington voted to legalize last year, it had a catalyzing impact across the country. jumping to 58% here now, the same will happen with uruguay. what is going to happen after that is public opinion around america and other parts of the world are going to step back and watch this play out. they are going to legalize -- realize that legally regulating this stuff is a real option and countries are doing it, why not do the same instead of persisting? >> we have seen a number of former presidents, like in mexico, brazil, they were on set in terms of legalizing drugs in general, including marijuana, dealing with the crime issues that the region is facing. you are right, the region could start to look at the examples. being in the business network, a lot of people have estimated as being as much as of $100 billion per year industry. i spoke with one entrepreneur in seattle who is looking at uruguay very closely and was spending some time there
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3